Our real concerns for Gelorup!

-Many residents bought into the area on advice from local government and Main Roads that the highway was no longer going ahead
-Previous Main Roads Manager Derek Lee told community in 1995 that Gelorup route was a short term option that will require a replacement bypass in the future. If it is inevitable that both routes will be cleared and built, one should be saved to minimise the environmental, social and financial impact
-Does not meet primary function of a bypass as it is proposed through the middle of an established community
-Northern section has been re-aligned to avoid a community, Main Roads quotes that this new alignment “defines an outer perimeter for development rather than dividing the greater Bunbury footprint”- in contradiction with their Southern section preferred route
-Does not meet at least 6 of the 10 Principles of Clearing under EP Act
-Does not meet all of Infrastructure Australia’s Decision Making Principles
-past planning mistakes has resulted in houses being approved too close to the reserve
-reserve width is 65-70 metres. Doesn’t conform with existing mid section BORR standard which is 115 metres
-no room for earth bunding noise walls, concrete walls only which will bounce noise
-WAPC noise guidelines will be broken even with noise management in place
-The road would go uphill and down hill directly behind houses which are within 50 metres, which will be very noisy with truck gear changes
-Air and rainwater contamination risk is extreme
– cost of concrete flyover bridge, many road closures and new roads will be expensive because of all the roads severed
-increased fire risk with closure of Woods Road, concrete bridge will do little to appease this
-Safety of children: very concerned as they are pedestrians everyday on Gelorup streets which will become much busier. Hasties Road as a feeder is of concern with the playgroup, playground, skate park and BMX track.
-Mining trucks: residents don’t yet know what loads the semi trailers will be carrying through our community, concern for children’s health with airborne particle pollution
-Concrete flyover bridge: will cost many millions because of the hill in Gelorup. Is not wanted by surrounding residents, planned to come out near the crest of a blind hill on Woods Road. Structural damage to homes: from the drilling/ construction and long term use of concrete flyover bridges next to homes
-Light pollution from highway flood lighting
– CRG meetings are a tick and flick process rather than a genuine opportunity for community input
-Gelorup residents have serious and legitimate concerns that are not being adequately addressed
– Socially and morally unacceptable

The Southern Section road reserve through Gelorup includes Federally listed habitat for the Western Ringtail Possum,